Yacht Care General Service

Yacht Services can be found at Peace of Mind Yacht Services today. We offer our services at affordable prices and we always strive for excellence. Our Detailing, Mechanical and Captain Services accommodate the finest in luxury Yachts and Boats in the South Florida area. We nurture our client relationships by maintaining some of the highest levels of personalized customer service and satisfaction. Here at Peace of Mind Yacht Services, we strive to stand apart from the rest of the competition. You can always rely on our team! When you are in need of Yacht Services, you can always look to receive some of the best service in the business from us.

 Engine / General Care

Mechanical Yacht Repairs and Services
Electrical Yacht Repairs and Services
Marine Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Service and Repair
Yacht Engine reviews, detailing, repairs.
Oil Change Service.
Engine water rinse service
Yacht Engine Room Detailing

Hull/Below Rub Rail

• Clean and De-Wax
• Pressure clean
• Acid wash waterline
• Enviro friendly hull cleaner, pressure clean, other
• General brush wash/chamois dry
• Spot clean: rust, exhaust, black streaks, etc
• Wet sand by hand or R/O sander
• Compound
• Polish
• Wax or Sealant (2 coats at waterline)
• Wax engines
• Rinse off and chamois

Topside Gelcoat

Wash/Chamois dry
Spot clean
Remove/reduce rust, stains, etc
Wet sand
Machine compound
Hand or machine polish
Wax or Sealant


• Spray treat wash
• Brush wash’n dry
• Apply protectant

Eisenglass, Strataglass, Polycarbonates     

• Rinse
• Hand wash (no brushes!)
• Polish – gently buff by hand or machine (if restoring)
• Apply protectant (Plexus) buff gently
• Eisenglass restoration may require removal, Flitz and drill/ ball buffer
• Achieve optical clarity, water repulsion, UV and salt protection
• Educate owner re scratching, avoiding suntan lotions, avoiding household cleaners, etc.

Hard Glass Windows

• Wash and dry
• Restoration:light to severe etching with water spots and mineral deposits:
• polish with 0000 bronze wool on clean dry untinted glass or machine polish
• Apply water repellent and buff
• Achieve lasting optical and hydrophobic clarity
• Anti fog application/buff for interior glass

Exposed Rubber and Foam Gaskets

• Wash gently and dry
• Vaseline or similar applied with fingertip


• Tower legs and arms
• Outriggers
• Metal rub rails
• Cleats
• Chocks
• Bollards
• Window frames
• Snaps (dremel, brush, Chapstick…may require removal-epoxy-drill-replace)
• Anchor
• Anchor roller assembly and guard
• Railings and mounts
• Stanchions
• Fittings
• Ports
• Controls
• All metal surfaces
• Stainless
• Chrome
• Bronze (leave patina? ask owner)
• Brass (leave patina? ask owner)
• Aluminum
• Anodized Aluminum – Determine degree of pitting – abrasive rubbing will remove anodizing


Use 303 Products, mild dish soap HARMFUL/AVOID these products:  Goo B Gone, Formula 409, Simple Green, , ArmorAll, , Son-of-a-Gun, degreasers, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Roll-Off, bleach, baking soda, tar remover, acetone, silicone or petroleum based products, or other harmful cleaners.

• Rinse
• Brush with cleaner using soft/medium brush to avoid raising wood fibers
• Finishing: Sand 2 to 4 grits
• Oil
• Varnish


• Clean the heads, showers, shine fixtures
• Wipe down entire interior
• Clean and polish all wood
• Clean windows and mirrors
• Clean blinds and curtains
• Clean out all cabinets, drawers, storage areas, hanging lockers and compartments
• Wipe down, brush off vacuum and spot clean all cushions and pads above and beneath
• Vacuum and sweep all flooring. Spot clean carpet. Consider shampooing.
• Micro vacuum small spaces
• Clean and freshen refrigerator and freezer
• Clean stove and burners
• Wipe down bilges
• Clean thru-hulls, strainers, and other fittings
• Use least aggressive cleaners if possible (peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, etc.)
• Special instructions from owner

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